50 Million Empty Homes In China, Third-Home Purchases Soar


Stukisaid:More than nuclear explosions, aids, wars, plagues, Scary Muslim Virgins and any other supposed ills; the banksters getting the average idiot to fall for the childish drivel that a roof over ones head is some sort of “investment,” is the single greatest calamity to ever befall humankind.
Resulting in a virtually endless supply of zero value add, utterly incompetent at anything productive nor valuable whatsoever idiots; lining up to pump their fists in illiterate support of whichever pathetic tinpotentate-wannabe promises to harass, rob and steal from their neighbors, in order to increase the idiots’ poppeti vaijues. While also promising to do all he can to keep as many as possible homeless, hence desperate enough to accept grossly overpaying for the cheering, incompetent idiots’ cheaply constructed, trashy, roach infested shacks. All while the idiots themselves run around flaunting their complete, undifferentiated idiocy; by genuinely believing this has anything whatsoever, even in the slightest, to do with what they are told is called “capitalism,” “freedom” and “markets.”