Devin Harris set to return against OKC, sans Russell Westbrook

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Devin Harris has had an “interesting” 10 games watching his teammates from the bench since his hamstring strain in the season opener.

Someday, it’s one of Harris’ options to be a coach. That’s still a few years down the road. But in his time on the shelf, he’s done his best to look at the Mavericks’ performances from both a player’s and a coach’s perspective.

“I’ve kind of been forced to in our situation just trying to help get everybody on the same page, what I see as a player, what I see that the coaches want and try to mend that together,” the veteran guard said Saturday morning. “I see what drives coach crazy sometimes, but I also see the players’ frustrations. It’s been an interesting 10 games.”

Harris will rejoin his teammates on the court tonight after missing more than three weeks with the injury that happened in the first half of the opener. He said he’s been able to move better the last few days and “kind of turned the corner” when it comes to dealing with the injury.

There’s still pain, but it’s tolerable. And the medical staff is convinced there is no concern of aggravating the injury.

“When I’m unable to move the way I need to move, that lets me know I’m on the other side (able to return),” Harris said. “With a tear or a strain, there’s going to be some pain before you get back. But being able to move is a good sign.”

As for returning to the court, he said: “It’s been very frustrating. Obviously we’re not playing our best ball. We’ve been struggling in some areas that I think I can help in. We just got to play harder and play smarter at times.”

Harris will make his return against an Oklahoma City team that likely will be without Russell Westbrook. But Dennis Schroder has filled in well in the games Westbrook has missed.

“Schroder’s given us problems for years in Atlanta with his penetration, so we’ll have to deal with that tonight,” Harris said. “But most important for us is turnovers. They create a ton and we’ve been turning it over a ton. So something’s got to give.”