Mark Wahlberg Reveals What He Actually Does During His '90 Minute Shower'

Remember when we told you about Mark Wahlberg’s frankly ridiculous routine? We even sent someone out to try to recreate it. It didn’t end well. Sorry, Jake.

Well, one of the many things that people found to be very strange about that whole episode was the remarkable amount of time that Marky Mark supposedly spends in the shower. An hour and a half every day, if his account is to be believed.

Now, he has opened up about what he actually does in the shower for that long. No, it’s not what you think it is. Come on, he’d be red raw.

Mark Wahlberg's ridiculous regime. Credit: Instagram
Mark Wahlberg’s ridiculous regime. Credit: Instagram

He actually explained on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that he isn’t actually showering for the whole time that he is scheduled to in his diary.

Given the chance to defend himself, he said: “I shower for about five minutes, then I drive or pick up the kids, drop them off, go to the golf course… There’s other things happening between 6 to 7:30.”

Right, that clears that up, at least. It’s far from the only part of the routine that seems a bit weird. First off there is the remarkably short amount of time that he spends at the golf course. That’s barely enough time to hit 50 balls on the driving range, let alone get a decent round in.

During the interview, he didn’t explain that. He didn’t even touch on the reason he didn’t say that he was spending any time rehearsing for films at all. Like, you know, his actual job.

Then there is his burger chain, Wahlburgers. They don’t get any time allotted to them either. They obviously run themselves without needing any input from Mark.

Oh, he did clear up the mess regarding the amount of time that he spends in the cryogenic chamber.

Mark Wahlberg. Credit: PA
Mark Wahlberg. Credit: PA

Now, he’s in good shape and he is obviously a decent specimen of a man, but an hour in the cryo chamber? That’s got to be impossible, right?

As it turns out, actually spending that length of time in the chamber would almost definitely kill you. Cryogenic therapy actually makes your body think it is dying anyway and produces a fight or flight response that can release a whole heap of endorphins.

If you stayed in there for an hour you’d go from your body thinking it was dying to being actually dead.

That’s a line that you don’t need to cross, even if you are Mark Wahlberg.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Instagram