Onmanorama Special | Find out how weapons evolved after World War I

Onmanorama Special | Weapons of World War 1

The world woke up to an unprecedented war on July 28, 1914. The World War I, as it came to be called, claimed the lives of more than 90 lakh soldiers and 70 lakh civilians. The belligerent nations struggled to keep up with the wide canvas of the war, while some of them developed new weapons to cope with the challenges. Traditional cavalries and infantries were trumped by flamethrowers, torpedoes and mustard gas. The Allied Powers of France, Britain, Russia, Italy and the United States fought the Central Powers of Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and the Ottoman empire for four woeful years until the truce of November 11, 1918. A century later, the weapons have transformed into more deadly destoyers. A look into the arsenal is a persuasive argument to put them away.

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