Protesters Tussle as Trash Can Burns in Packed Saint-Étienne Street

Tear gas was fired in the streets of Saint-Etienne, France, on December 8 as a large mass of people protested. This footage shows people tussling, a trash can on fire, and smoke in the air.

Approximately 125,000 people took to the streets across France as part of demonstrations sparked by a rise in fuel tax that later escalated to a larger demonstration against the cost of living and French President Emmanuel Macron’s tax reforms, according to news reports. Hundreds of people were arrested in Paris on December 8, local reports said.

News reports quoted Saint-Etienne’s mayor, Gaël Perdriau, as he voiced his frustration with the government and Interior Ministry, saying that they prioritized sending support and riot police reinforcements to cities such as Paris and Lyon, and effectively ignored Saint-Etienne. Credit: Nathan Vacher via Storyful