Plane crashes at Payam International Airport in Karaj near Tehran

At least 10 people are believed to have died in the crash

The National
The National

A cargo plane made an emergency landing in an airport near Tehran, before overshooting the runway and hitting a town, the Fars news agency reports.

The aircraft, believed to be a Boeing 707 transporting cargo, landed in Payam International Airport in Karaj, a town near Iran’s capital but lost control and hit a town.

Other reports indicate the plane belongs to the Iranian air force.

Photographs from the scene show the tail of a plane protruding from trees surrounded by buildings, black smoke filling the air and bright fires burning on the ground.


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The plane is believed to have taken off from Bishkek Manas International Airport in Kyrgyzstan before making an emergency landing.

All ten passengers were killed in the crash, the head of aid and rescue told local television.

Air ambulances and firefighters were sent to the scene.