Brian Burston and James Ashby fight: Exclusive pictures shed fresh light on

Exclusive pictures have shed new light on a dramatic clash that rocked the quiet of Parliament’s majestic Marble Foyer last night.

The fight broke out between the shattered factions of One Nation, as Pauline Hanson’s Chief of Staff James Ashby faced off with turncoat Senator Brian Burston.


Mr Ashby says the images show the moments leading up to the scuffle, which was filmed on his mobile phone.

New images show the moments leading up to the scuffle between Senator Brian Burston and Pauline Hanson staffer James Ashby in the Parliament House foyer. A phone can clearly be seen in Senator Burston’s hand. (9news)
James Ashby says the images prove that Senator Burston snatched his phone. (9news)
And then threw it to the floor. (9news)

He claims they prove United Australia Party Senator Burston snatched his phone, before throwing it on the floor.

In one image, the former One Nation Senator can be seen holding a phone in his hand.

In a later image, Mr Ashby can be seen bending over to retrieve an item from the ground.

Mr Ashby is seen bending over to retrieve an object. (9news)
Mr Ashby then followed Senator Burston and his wife, filming the rest of the confrontation. (9news)

Mr Ashby then followed Senator Burston and his wife, Ros, filming the rest of the confrontation.

He can be heard on video asking Mrs Burston, “How do you feel about the sexual harassment cases?”

Senator Burston intervened by swatting Mr Ashby’s phone and saying, “Listen here, I’ll call the Federal Police”.

Brian Burston can be seen grappling with James Ashby in the video. (Supplied)
Burston later reported the incident to the police. (Supplied)

The encounter occurred after news surfaced that Senator Burston was accusing Senator Hanson of sexually harassing him twice.

He alleges on one occasion, she ran her finger down his spine while they on stage together at an event in 1998.

The One Nation leader told reporters this morning the allegations were lies.

“I think its retaliation and it’s a shame that this has happened in Parliament, it’s not what I wanted to see,” she said.

“He (Senator Burston) needs to get some anger management.”

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson lashes out as she arrives at Parliament House today. (AAP)

Senator Burston’s office has released a statement, accusing Mr Ashby of an “unprovoked attack” – claiming the One Nation staffer set him up to look bad “for political purpose”.

“Brian Burston has reported the full matter to the Australian Federal Police and has commenced legal proceedings against James Ashby seeking a restraining order.”

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