SALE: $199 flights from Australia to Hawaii

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Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. (Photo: Getty)

Get your bank card and swimsuit ready: Jetstar’s currently offering $199 flights to Honolulu from either Sydney or Melbourne.

And the flight back is even cheaper – if you pick the right day, you’ll fly back to Sydney for only $180.

What’s the catch?

You’ll have to depart from the capital cities of Sydney or Melbourne in order to fully take advantage of the cheap tickets and the full range of destinations.

If you’re flying from, say, the Sunshine Coast, you’ll see flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Bali. But if you’re departing from Hamilton Island, the only discounted flights you’ll see are to Sydney.

So if you live outside of Sydney or Melbourne, you’ll have to factor in extra time and travel costs to get to the major cities first in order to take off to your desired destination.

Don’t forget that Jetstar is a budget airline and the sale prices are for its ‘Starter’ Bundle, which doesn’t include meals or checked baggage.

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Jetstar’s ‘Endless Beaches’ Sale. (Screenshot by Yahoo Finance)

Other destinations

If Hawaii doesn’t interest you, Jetstar’s also offering $199 flights to Bali, $189 flights to Phuket for $189, and $249 flights to Ho Chi Minh City.

Alternatively, hop over to New Zealand and see Christchurch for just $159.

But if you wanted a beach holiday without leaving the country, opt for the Gold Coast ($61), the Sunshine Coast ($61), Hamilton Island ($87) or Whitsunday Coast ($79).

And if the beach isn’t for you, a number of domestic flights – such as from Sydney to Melbourne (Avalon) are going for as low as $38.

Visit Hobart for as cheap as $69, or fly to the Gold Coast for $49.

The travel period for the discounted tickets range from as early as 20 March until the end of November – so could plan out your holidays and book your flights for just about the rest of the year if you wanted to.

The sale for these flights end 11:59pm next Monday, 18 February or until they’re sold out before then.

Happy travelling!

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